• Rossana’s Sunscreen spray is a high tech product for UV protection with the first sun filter using microfine particle technology TINOSORB® M.
  • This organic ingredient uses a unique blend of particulates to offer 3 powerful actions : to absorb by a photo stable organic molecule 2) to scatter and 3) to reflect the sun’s UV rays!
  • Thanks to active ingredients such as Tinosorb M which absorb harmful UV rays and convert them into harmless energy Rossana sun care spay posses a substantial broad spectrum protection from both UVA and UVB rays.  
  • For a guaranteed UV protection Rossana Labs  is one of the first cosmetic company that have clinically tested and proved the beneficial effects of the natural rose oil over sun burnt skin. 

Adopting the newest technologies Rossana’s sunscreen spray meets the most stringent global UV protection requirements!