• The products of Rossana Labs  promote health and wellness embodying an integrated care for the entire body and well being of our clients.
  • “Mens sana in corpora sano”, as the Roman gods used to  say ”A sound mind in a healthy body“, Rossana’s  products will help you to produce a healthy body and sustain a healthy mind!

  • From the 1st application, the rose oil helps to relieve feelings of stress while the antiseptic and cicatrising properties make this oil an effective aid to help with burns and other skin problems.


  • The natural Bulgarian rose oil is the driving source of innovation for Rossana’s Laboratory and it is with unrivaled ambition that Rossana’s Researchers explore the hidden potential while drawing constantly innovation from its passionate heritage.
  • Rossana is a brand attached to the values of exchange and discovery, creation and performance. Throughout the process the human hand intervenes only with the greatest respect for the environment.


  • Rossana Labs guarantees high quality by the implementation of new standards of corporate behaviour. We are responsible both towards the environment and our suppliers.
  • We work in collaboration with the citizens of several Bulgarian villages who will collect by hand the rose petals for Rossana.  This collaboration is essential both for the region and for the rose oil production. Born in the heart of the rose valley local communities have an inherited knowledge about the effects of the rose and its mysterious transformations.
  • In the future we aim to continue our close partnership with the local stakeholders and maintain the positive impact on the local communities through secured working environment and tourism.

Rossana will go beyond the limits of skincare by injecting the ever essence of the rose oil brought into the heart of skincare!