Rossana Rose Oil BB Hand and Body Cream is a luxurious natural rose oil-based moisturizer that provides a long-lasting hydrating effect and a non-greasy, silky feel to the skin. Formulated with an innovative Rovisome encapsulated complex technology that delivers the product’s active ingredients to the deeper cutaneous layers, the cream helps restore microcirculation, stimulates anti-cellulite activity, and relieves tension and fatigue, supplying efficient bio-availability to all target areas. Cocoa, coconut, and shea butters soften and nourish the skin, and act as an effective anti-dehydration shield. Natural illuminating color particles conceal minor imperfections and add discreet pearly radiance and immaculate smoothness. Regular massage with the cream serves as a natural cellulite treatment support that fortifies the connective tissues and replaces the “orange peel” effect with rose firmness.

Rossana Rose Oil BB Hand and Body Cream does not contain artificial colors, paraffins, and petrolеum derivatives. The product is elegantly fragrant and its texture is fast absorbing and non-sticky. The results are virtually immediate.

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