We source our superior essential oils from one of the pre-eminent manufacturers of high-quality rose oil in Bulgaria, an integral Rossana Labs partner, and a member of our family – Ato ltd. With over 350 acres of rose massifs and a capacity to collect more than 620 kg of rose petals per acre, Ato employs cultivation and harvesting methods that incorporate an ingenious mix of the best practices established in the rose industry, and an innovative set of production strategies geared towards promoting environmental, social, and economic sustainability.

Ato’s – and by extension our – journey into the Rose Valley began after finding out that the land in the region had fostered the livelihoods, communities, and passions of generations of our direct ancestors. Captivated by the distinctive character of the place, and by the local population’s genuine and enduring affection for the Rose, Ato embarked on reclaiming our heritage, rediscovering the indigenous rose growing customs, and reassessing the extraordinary properties of this exquisite flower. Ato’s endeavor forged one of the leading enterprises in the industry and established a tangible connection between centuries-old tradition and contemporary practice, while maintaining the fragile symbiosis between nature and people necessary for the fruitful development of high-quality products.

With renewed appreciation for the remarkable capacity of the Rose to regenerate health and nurture wellbeing, it was Ato’s natural urge to reach a larger audience and deliver the unique benefits of rose oil directly in the hands of discerning customers in the form of premium skin care, sun protection, and wellness products. Rossana Labs – our boutique personal care venture – was born.

We embrace Ato’s commitment to quality and excellence, environmental sustainability, and social responsibility, and we espouse discovery, creativity and high performance. Our core is diverse and progressive. We are based in three European cities – Paris, Zürich and Sofia, and our cumulative background includes work, education and life histories from countries on two continents – Bulgaria, Switzerland, France, England, and the United States. Our training and professional experience transverse the social, humanitarian, service, arts, design, engineering, medical, and financial sectors. It is this heterogeneity which motivates our idealistic spirit, fuels our flair for radical innovation and entrepreneurship, and equips us with an uncommon perspective on necessity and luxury.


While Rossana Labs is a brand new start up, our roots span generations, cross multiple geographic boundaries, and traverse professional disciplines.