• The damascene rose is the ultimate source of innovation for Rossana’s Laboratory. Its unique and positive effects over the wellbeing of people have been present since centuries but are still very little known to the public. It is precisely this gap between the Rose and the People that motivates our researchers to study its potential qualities from closer.
  • The damascene rose is not only the queen of the flowers but also the queen of all that want to benefit from its essence and the rose harvesting campaign demonstrates best its reign  over flowers and people.This is a rose that can be collected only by hand, at only one specific time of the year in very rare geographical conditions.  It is within the petals of that rose that the rose elixir is hidden and could be extracted through a sophisticated 100% natural distillation process.
  • Rossana’s Laboratory seeks for the active ingredients of the petals and attentively analysis their effect on the well-being of people. 
  • Where is the harvesting campaign taking place? The Bulgarian rose valley has been chosen by Rossana for its exceptional properties. Here damascene roses feel at home as they have always been in the history of the unique rose-growing industry.  Peerless both in terms of the climate and the soil, the Bulgarian rose valley is responsible for more than 75% of the worlds rose oil production. Here the roses have been pampered in natural cultivation conditions with unique precisions and expertise.
  • The magic process of rose harvesting campaigns starts as early as four in the morning and continues until ten a.m.  in order to minimize the dissipation of the aromatic contents caused by sun exposure or any deterioration of the rose quality. Every one of our local partners on the field collects on average from 30 to 50 kg of roses in a matter of six hours. 
  • At the end of the picking and the harvest, we  intervene by extracting the precious active ingredients from the petals  according to the most rigorously “clean” and non-pollutant methods in order to enhance all their properties.  The three hour steam distillation process methods guarantees respect for the environment but also the assurance that the effectiveness of the active ingredients has been retained. Throughout the process the human hand intervenes only with the greatest respect for the environment.

Rossana will go beyond the limits of skincare by injecting the ever essence of the rose oil brought into the heart of skincare!