Rossana Rose Oil Anti-Age Face Serum supports the skin’s natural functions while serving as a powerful protective shield against the first signs of aging and devitalization. With pure, natural Bulgarian rose oil in its very essence – carefully steam-distilled from hand-picked rose blossoms – it helps balance and cleanse all types of skin, soothe sensitivity and irritation, and reduce redness. The serum’s unique mix of Bulgarian rose oil, potent antioxidants, and powerful active ingredients – Resistem™ for anti-age defence; AQUAXYL for improved hydration; and SEPITONIC M3 for added energy – delivers truly comprehensive skin care that supports tissue regeneration, promotes cell detoxification, boosts cell longevity, and inhibits microinflammations. An added “anti-dehydration shield” increases the body’s moisture reserves and optimizes water circulation to enhance the skin’s production of collagen and essential lipids.

Rossana Rose Oil Anti-Age Face Serum does not contain artificial colors, paraffins, and petrolеum derivatives. Luxuriously fragrant, it is fast absorbing and non-sticky, lavishing the complexion with instant radiance and silky smoothness.

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