Inspired by the latest innovations in intelligent cosmetics, Rossana Rose Oil Hand Cream is a high-end auto-adaptive sensory solution for soft, silky, and youthful skin, especially designed to meet the expectations of even the most discerning of skin care consumers. Anti-inflammatory, regenerative, and energizing natural Bulgarian rose oil – an active ingredient integral to all Rossana Labs products – helps brighten, balance and even out the skin tone, while caressing the senses with gentle, sensual aromas. Responsive to diverse climatic conditions, this remarkable intelligent moisturizing skin guard visibly improves dermal texture and provides comfort and protection from seasonal fluctuations as a luxurious, ultra-thin invisible glove. In cold and dry weather, the cream creates a soft, soothing film to shield and nourish the skin. In hot and humid conditions, it stabilizes the skin’s sensory features, removes oily residues, and supplements it with a unique, sumptuous scent of roses.

Apply the cream onto the clean, dry skin of your hands. Massage gently until it absorbs fully.

Provides Long-lasting Hydrating Effect
Helps Restore Microcirculation
Nourishes and Rejuvenates